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New York Times, “Finally”: Ashley Judd and Other Weinstein Accusers Respond to Verdict link

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The Denver Post, Can a Baby Be Abused in the Womb? Colorado Supreme Court Weighs a Nuanced Case link

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Above the Law, Is Redefining Criminal Sexual Misconduct The Way To Address #MeToo? link

CU Independent What happens after: Title IX as an alternative to civil or criminal court link

Pacific Standard Magazine, “Brett Kavanaugh’s Trip to the Twilight Zone link

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Minneapolis Star Tribune, How Alcohol Foils Rape Investigations link

Westword, New Bill Could Change Felony-Murder Law, but It Won’t Help Luke Pelham link

NBC News, Bill Cosby Trial: Judge to Decide Whether to Allow Past Accusers’ Testimony link

New York Times, Knicks’ Preseason to Begin with Derrick Rose Under Cloud of Rape Case link

Courthouse News, Campus Sexual Assault: Who Should Be the Judge and Jury? link

The Weekly Standard, A Real Dialogue for a Change link

Vice, A Colorado Jury Will Need to Decide if the ‘Dark Knight’ Shooter Is Insane or Simply Evil link

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Slate, Colorado Says No to Personhood for the Third Time link

The Washington Times, What Does Legal Pot Mean for Crime? link

Denver Post, Evil Isn’t that Simple link

Denver Post, Colorado judges decline to change nearly 1,400 inmate sentences that may have been questionable link

Bloomberg News, Shooting Suspect Insanity Plea Seen as Delaying Trial link

Slate, Why Are There Statutes of Limitations in Child Rape Cases? link

Slate, Why Did NYC Cops Beat Those Rape Charges Despite Good Evidence? link