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The Troubling Alliance Between Feminism and Policing (California Law Review Blog, Sept. 2020) link

Carceral Feminism at a Crossroad (Law and Political Economy, Aug. 2020) link

The Carceral State Will Not Be Feminist (Gender Policy Report, Aug. 2020) link

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Why Amy Cooper Felt the Police Were Her Personal “Protection Agency” (Slate, May 2020) link

Colorado Supreme Court Fails to Protect State Residents as Coronavirus Grows “Exponentially” in Jails (The Appeal, Apr. 2020) link

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#MeToo Doesn’t Always Have to Mean Prison (New York Times, Mar. 2020) link

After the Weinstein Verdict: Relief, and Some Fears a Bad Precedent May Have Been Set (New York Daily News, Feb. 2020) link

Do Abolitionism and Constitutionalism Mix? (Journal of Things We Like Lots, Feb. 2020) link

Making Drunk Sex a Crime: Why a New Push to ‘Close a Loophole’ Would Actually Establish a Troubling New Legal Regime (New York Daily News, Jan. 2020) link

The Left’s Law-and-Order Agenda (Jotwell, Mar. 2019) link

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Colorado Fetal Homicide Law Goes Too Far (Denver Post, Apr. 2015) link

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance of Domestic Violence (New York Times, Feb. 2015) link

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Rethinking Domestic Violence, Rethinking Violence (Jotwell, Jan. 2014) link

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